R&B Timber Group harvests, processes, and pressure treats wooden poles.

We have supplied quality timber to the local and world markets since 1952.

Utility Poles

Utility Poles, also known as transmission poles, support overhead power lines and various other public utilities. R&B Timber Group specializes in the manufacturing, large scale order and export of utility poles throughout Africa, and globally. Learn more about our utility poles here.

Hard Pole™

Hardpole™ is your guarantee of quality. This trademarked brand represents the best quality product in the industry. This distinctive tag will be used to differentiate our poles in a market saturated with low quality poles. Learn more about hardpole™ here.

Export Markets

Currently we are supplying throughout South Africa and many African countries- Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Benin, Angola.We are also looking to expand into more Asian countries in the near future. Learn more about export markets here.


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